Swiss Made

Swiss Made is the standard at Grovana

The art of watchmaking has a long tradition in Switzerland. Quality and precision, durability and reliability are summarized in one label: “Swiss-Made”. For this purpose, at least 60 percent of the manufacturing costs for the end product must be incurred in Switzerland, and at least half of the value of the components must be manufactured there. In addition, it’s necessary that the technical development also originates in Switzerland. So are the stringent regulations.

All Grovana watches meet these legally stipulated Swiss quality standards and even exceed them. Nevertheless, Grovana offers their quality watches at an extraordinary price-performance ratio. Thanks to long-term suppliers, great flexibility in production and loyal customers, Grovana can concentrate on the essentials: The creation of timepieces that inspire and last a lifetime.

Quality and durability

In addition to excellent technical innovation, the family business in Tenniken places great importance on sustainability and regionality, drawing from Swiss suppliers whenever possible. As one of the few companies employing trained watchmakers, they’re able to manufacture their watch collections precisely by hand, and are able to react quickly to increasing demand and new trends. Grovana focuses on high-quality, durability and first-class care. These standards are constantly being refined through new innovations which result in a wide selection of excellent automatic and quartz watches.

Swiss watchmaking has its origins in the 17th century, when many watchmakers settled in Switzerland. Farming families would manufacture individual watch components in their homes during the quiet winter months, and these would then be put together in the watch factories. The art of Swiss watchmaking has established itself in the global market over the centuries, taking it a long way from the modest homes in which it originated. The traditional practice has always kept pace with the challenges of the times, and will continue to be the pinnacle of quality watchmaking.

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