Quality guarantee thanks to domestic production

Manufacturing at the headquarters in Tenniken

Swiss-made watches are synonymous with quality. It comes hand in hand with a centuries-old tradition of watchmaking in the country. But the Swiss tradition has been practiced less and less by local watch manufacturers in recent decades. “Too expensive and too time-consuming”, is what has been said, as with so many activities that cannot be carried out by machine. Grovana, on the other hand, has continuously developed its watch manufacturing in Tenniken, and has expertly adapted it to the zeitgeist.

We have been producing our affordable, high-quality watches ourselves since the beginning. Highly trained watchmakers emphasize the quality and durability of the watches in the family business in Baselland every day. Combining the latest technology and in-depth specialist knowledge with decades of experience, Grovana creates watches to be worn and admired for a lifetime.

Well over half of the manufacturing costs for our watches are incurred within Switzerland. And depending on the watch model, the costs can be even higher. Grovana pays close attention to professionally processing the components, and also purchases watch parts from Swiss suppliers, when possible. Thanks to long-standing and trustworthy suppliers, we take pride in the fact that only top products are used in Grovana watches.

Satisfied customers and long-term supplier relationships

Our price-performance ratio is unbeatable due to a focus on polished production, efficient sales, strong supplier relationships and satisfied customers: our best advertising ambassadors. The impeccable workmanship, the timeless designs and unique service are also essential components of the Grovana business model and integral to the satisfaction of our customers.

To top it all off, there is a 3-year worldwide guarantee on every watch that has been manufactured by the hands of Grovana professionals. We also carry out repairs directly in our workshop, keeping the value and tradition of Swiss craftsmanship alive.

Setting of dial
Grovana Diver in production