Grovana Damenarmbanduhr, herausstechend aufgrund des edlen Perlmutter silbernen Zifferblatts. Die Uhr verfügt über ein Ronda 785/6 Werk und ein kratzfestes Saphirglas. Das leichte, flexible Armband aus 316L-Edelstahl mit PVD-Gold Beschichtung schmiegt sich perfekt um das Handgelenk und bietet somit einen sehr hohen Tragekomfort. Das zierliche, mit PVD-Gold beschichtete 316L-Edelstahlgehäuse mit dem silbernen Zifferblatt verleihen der Uhr ein einzigartiges, stilsicheres Aussehen. Die Uhr wirkt sehr luxuriös und anmutig und ist somit für jeden Grovana-Fan ein absolutes Must-have in Ihrer Uhrensammlung.

Kensington Lady Grovana Damenuhr

Sapphire crystal

The robust sapphire crystal is absolutely scratch-resistant and is only surpassed in hardness by diamond, the hardest material in the world. 'The king of watch glasses' is Grovana's quality standard and is highly appreciated by watch enthusiasts.

Quartz Movement

For years, Grovana has relied on Ronda's reliable Swissmade quartz movements, which are manufactured with the utmost precision and care. Many of them contain complex calibers with high-level multifunctions.

PVD Coating

The term PVD stands for 'Physical Vapor Deposition' and is one of the most technologically advanced coating processes. The biggest advantages include a smooth surface, optical enhancement without discoloration and very good adhesion.

Water resistance

Each watch produced in the Grovana factory undergoes a number of tests and checks during the manufacturing process, including water resistance. This tests the watch's ability to withstand pressure and shock, as well as prevent the penetration of dirt, dust and water.

316L Stainless Steel

The 316L stainless steel is extremely robust and therefore perfectly suitable as a material for Grovana watch cases and metal bracelets. The steel is very resistant to corrosion, its shine remains over time and does not dull.

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